Here's a brief overview of the most common services we provide but please feel free to get in contact to see how we can help whatever your particular requirements.


We complete Accounts to ACCA standard on behalf of a wide range of businesses and to varying degrees of complexity. Whatever your business structure, whether you are self-employed or part of a partnership we will create high quality financial documentation for your own retention and for presentation to financial bodies such as banks etc.



We will complete Individual, Partnership and Trust Self Assessment Income Tax Returns and submit them to H M Revenue and Customs by e-filing before the tax deadline each year using PTP Tax Software.

You will receive from us an explanation of your Tax position and how this has been arrived at as well as detailed schedules for your own use and retention.


We Complete a wide range of VAT Returns on behalf of our clients, which we can complete from scratch or check on your behalf.

H M Revenue and Customs require all VAT Registered businesses to e-file a Return each quarter and, as we know from talking to our clients, some businesses and individuals do not feel comfortable with the e-filing system.

We can therefore e-file your VAT Returns on your behalf.


Our highly trained and experienced staff have assisted in the setting up and expansion of many types of businesses. Areas in which we can advise include, but are not limited to:

  • Producing projections to be presented to banks/government authorities, etc.

  • Offering specific tax and VAT insight

  • Setting up Limited Companies (with Jordans Ltd)

  • Registering business with the Inland Revenue

  • Registering business for VAT

  • Advice on all Taxation matters.


Kyffins has a wide range of experience in Limited Company matters. We act for active Companies, dormant Companies and a range of Charities that have a similar Account filing to Limited Companies.

Our Limited Company services include:

  • Setting up a Limited Company (using Jordans Ltd)

  • Completion of Statutory Company Accounts, Director's Reports and Notes to the Accounts

  • Completion and reviewing of Annual Returns

  • Providing a Registered Office  (The Old Convent)

  • Holding Company Records

  • Completion of DCA's

  • Completion of CT600's (Corporation Tax Return forms)

  • Calculating Corporation Tax

  • E-Filing of various Company forms with the Revenue and Registrar of Companies

  • Completion of various Company forms

  • Assisting with the setting up of shares, Directors, etc.